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Welcome to the INVICTA website.

The purpose of INVICTA is to provide a turnkey planning solution for the oil and gas industry.

INVICTA was developed in 2011 to serve frontier and established exploration and production oil and gas projects. Our aim is to provide a complete package of environmental, social, risk and emergency services when they are required and as a project evolves and develops.

Our particular focus is towards oil and gas E & P projects in the MENA Region and NE Africa; and, where our capability is suitable, to take on O&G projects Globally.  We recognise that every region where E&P is conducted differs and requires specific skills, experience and local knowledge, which INVICTA can bring together on a case-by-case basis.

Turn Key Planning Solutions

INVICTA is a collaboration of established, independent, specialist companies and organisations that provide key consulting services to assist with planning the development of oil and gas projects. INVICTA is the result of 15 years working in the Middle East with consulting firms that have significant experience and focus working in the oil and gas industry.  INVICTA has been formed in recognition that all the companies involved have a role to play in E&P projects, but only at key, specific stages of exploration and development.  The INVICTA collaboration provides an extensive network of consultants to ensure that the correct experts, with relevant experience of a project’s location and/or development stage, are brought together cost-effectively and at the correct time.

INVICTA  includes:

  • Five Oceans Environmental Services
  • Ward Karlson – Air, Noise and Vibration
  • Ardan Consulting – Security
  • Risktec Solutions – Quantitative Risk Assessment
  • Synergy Global – Social Studies and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • SEACOR Response – Oil & Chemical Spill Response and Fire Fighting
  • AIL – Hydrogeological studies
  • Ivy House Environmental – Environmental Due Diligence and Site Remediation
  • Independent HSE Advisors
  • Local Universities and Research Organisations

We anticipate that INVICTA will evolve, which it is already with the introduction since its inception in December 2011 of iEMS and inquiron, both of which are tools to assist planning for the oil and gas industry.

The companies in the INVICTA collaboration remain distinctly separate in their organisation and operation. INVICTA aims simply to provide a focus for oil and gas companies for services that can be obtained from one point of contact with any one of the companies named above. An oil and gas company can contract any one of the companies in INVICTA on a completely independent basis, with the knowledge that should related services be required, a much wider network of experts can very easily be tapped into that can address diverse planning requirements as and when required.

  • Providing a turnkey planning solution for the oil and gas industry.
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